Thermal Zero was founded in 2006 to fill the demand for heat insulation products that were manufactured to a higher quality standard than all the rest.  Our goal when we started out was to supply a good quality product that the average racer or enthusiast could afford without having to dig too deep down into their pockets.  Heat wrap is a commodity item in the racing world.  We use it for a season then after the track closes we pull our projects in, tear them down and rebuild for the next season.  We understood this process so we manufactured an item that was great quality but if you messed it up in removal you didn’t have to worry about how expensive it was to replace it. We understood then and we still do.


We started out selling just exhaust wrap to the everyday racer.  We eventually added to our product line the stainless ties, and the snap strip stainless ties. As those items gained popularity we added the starter heat shields and universal turbo shields.  In 2010 we decided it was time to add something more to the industrial and performance world.  After being bombarded with seeing junk chinese turbo blankets on the market we built a removable heat blanket manufacturing facility right here in out shop assist in our product line development.  The facility is right here in Cincinnati, Ohio and makes it feasible to create custom removable blankets for virtually any application.  Coupled with our in house dynamometer for research and development we can stand behind every product we make and say that it is without a doubt quality tested and manufactured right here in Cincinnati, Ohio USA…  How many other performance companies can say that?

Over the years we have sold heat insulation products all over the world.  We have countless amounts of happy customers and consistent buyers who love our product.  Our products are currently running on applications that range from Farm Equipment, to High Performance NHRA, NASA, IHRA, SCCA and Drift cars, to Choppers and Motorcycle riders that want to protect themselves and investments. We also supply and have the ability to custom make products for industrial equipment around the world and OEM applications.  So that’s where we get our statement that if it creates heat then we have it covered… Because we already do.